High qualifications and more the 20 years experience

In addition to numerous first-class certifications, you will benefit from our more than 20 years of experience as publicly certified experts for the appraisal of developed and undeveloped properties and the multitude of objects being appraised by us for banks, courts, companies, private customers as well as reputable national and international clients. Long-time experienced in-house specialists such as chartered surveyors, architects/appraisers on construction defects, geodesists and a construction engineer contribute essential facts to a precise valuation result which guarantees the high quality standard Dr. Gleser & Dalhoefer is known for. In detail, we provide the following services:



  • Market value appraisal according to WertV
  • Mortgage lending value appraisal according to BelWertV
  • Determination of the market value
  • Fiscal value appraisal (depreciation on buildings, inheritance, gift, assignment of property, IFRS)
  • International value appraisal (Red Book, Blue Book, DCF, Residual)
  • Valuation of rights and encumbrances (emphyteusis, building encumbrances, residential rights, usufruct)
  • Due diligence (commercial and technical as well as in juristic cooperation)
  • Energy pass
  • Market analyzes and location studies
  • Portfolio analysis
  • Asset improvement


Typical occasions for an expert activity are: purchase, sale, inheritance, divorce, taxes, gift, disputs, analyzes and mortgages. We will also handle your request carefully.


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